2013 Christmas Letters and Voices

2013 Christmas Letters and Voices

Lights, Meanings, Hopes and Wishes

A letter: Why Christmas is held on 25th December.

Link: http://www.ancient-origins.net/news-general/why-christmas-held-25th-december-001161


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The Benefit Of Playing An Ill-Managed MMORPG


“Experience is not what happens to you; it’s what you do with what happens to you.” – Aldous Huxley


The thought of possible benefit from ill-managed MMORPG is forthwith shrugged off before the mind became cognizant of it. Quite as often, this thought is disarmed by the impulse of disappointments, frustrations, indignation and vexation towards the game publisher, the game cheaters and the account hackers. Similar disarming impulses forthwith deny a gamer to admit addiction to MMORPG and in many ways funnel their dependency to one game or another.

Addiction to MMORPG, which is often concealed by the notion that – “it is only a game”, is very much similar to other dependencies that require rigorous measures to overturn or restraint.

One is fortunate when while playing an ill-managed MMORPG, pathetic experiences lead to the consciousness of the amount of time, money and attachment extended to it. Ultimately, when push comes to shove in real life, those three essentials of living were extended to no purpose. A realization that may seem obscured in a well-managed MMORPGs.

Cover Image: Toy Story 3, Walt Disney

Cyber Security Age: MMORPG Enthusiasts Bound To A Right Turn


Enticing and expecting MMORPG enthusiasts to spend countless exciting time piloting avatar, of a new game, in the absence of enjoying game account security is a matter of unabashed corporate indifference. An expected game marketing approach already realized by free minded gamers as another episode of a remorseless exploitation of gamers time, life, and money.

Such setup expects gamers, whose minds were held captive for years by this kind of online gaming industry, whose cheating mentality had been honed and their gaming addiction being exploited, to join the new game the moment it’s online. Those among the cheaters flank will desperately seek and beg for applicable cheats and hacks to be available. By experience, the supposed “gamers excitement” will be bleak as hacktivism and cheating starts to kick-in. On the other hand, except those with money to burn, free minded gamers would seize their pockets from being hitched into such new game. It certainly bears a bleak future for would be lucrative business once again.

Exploring online games offered in the market, one would easily find that the denomination of every new MMORPG, in advancing gaming excitement, is not far from each other. They were copy-cat of another if not an enhancement of the other. Thus, introducing a new MMORPG by how compelling, action-packed it is, coupled with how the publisher could enhance the game excitement by sponsoring off-game events is already an out-dated strategy to lure gamers.

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